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English Poetry, The New Page

Currently, we have works of two English writing authors to present to our readers.

On this page below are yours truly's creations.

English is not my first language, nor my second. So, should you stumble upon a sentence or a poem that looks like it was written by someone whose English is not their first language, don't be surprised.

The order of languages studied aside, I truly enjoy rhyming in English, the results of which are here for you to enjoy (or so I hope). Some of my pieces you may find ironic, some sardonic and some... well, I shouldn't be saying moronic here, should I? In fact, they are sheer satire and this all they are.

In the first section of this page you will find poetry inspired by Omar Khayyam's series of poems Rubaiyat.  That's what I call "khayyamisms".

The second section consists of single, simple poems, hence the section's name,

So, friends, read at your own risk.



The hypocrites love preaching morals.
Yet, they are nothing but
he morons.
It doesn't bother them; they preach,
All while resting on the laurels.

Disenchanted Admirer

You said that neither gifts, nor coins
Would grant me access to your loins.
Your answer puzzles me, my friend,
And, frankly speaking, disappoints.

Welcome to Reality

She had been kind, sweet and nice.
I thought she was my lucky prize,
Until one day I found out
She trapped me in a web of lies.

The Flip Side of a Coin

At last, I came to realize
That every coin has two sides.
Some things, in which I saw disaster,
Were mere blessings in disguise.

____A Groom To Be

-If you decided to propose,
Why do you look so morose?
-I caught a glimpse of the abyss:
It's dark and frighteningly close.

To a friend, hanging from the ceiling

You said that you have had enough,
That you gave up on life and love.
Back then, I thought that you were bluffing.
Apparently, you didn’t bluff.

___She Is Damaged Goods

At first, all seems to be ideal:
Her record, manners, sex appeal.
But this is just a false façade;
You shouldn't trust this bitch for real!


Yes, I adored you for awhile.
I liked your looks, your wit, your style.
But now, that we parted ways,
I care not whom you beguile.


I'm Ready

I washed my hands
I cleaned my bottom,
I brewed my tea, I'm all set;
Which means that I'm ready, autumn,
For you magnificent onset.

The wrong question

What you expect from life is not important,
But this is understood by very few;
There is another question, way more potent:
What at this point life expects from you?

Why bother? (Words of wisdom)

Why climb mountains? Why travel so far?
And why pretend that you are such a trooper,
When you can simply walk into a bar
And drink yourself into a perfect stupor?

Political Mix Up

The politics are often mixed with farce;
The line between the two is very thin.
Look at a politician on your screen.
What do you see,
a face or maybe... arse?

Pyrrhic Victory

You told me stories from your past,
You clued me in into your present
And hinted that it would be pleasant
If you and I could form us.

As I kept working on my meal,
You leaned to me and touched my shoulder.
This prompted me to grow bolder
And I suggested you a deal.

I said: you have to understand
That I’m tired and frustrated
As much as you, and I may hate it,
But things are coming to the end.

As I kept trying to convey
My innermost thoughts and feelings
You said I wasn’t the full shilling*
And that I wouldn’t get away

With explanations so lame
That basically made you laugh.
I felt that I ha
d had enough
Of such an idiotic game

And started saying my goodbyes,
But you got totally unstable,
Hissed, grabbed a bottle from the table
And hit me right between the eyes

What can I say, what’s done is done;
I died right there on the floor.
Thus, you can’t hurt me nomore
And in this sense, my friend, I won.

*He's not the full shilling - He is not complete, something is missing. Often used to imply mental deficiency. ©

A Proud Sex Worker

She learned how to perform
And tоок all challenges in stride;
She may have swallowed some sperm
But never swallowed her pride!

Know Your Limit

A man who outlived his purpose
Has no moral right to live,
As he becomes a time thief,
One of still breathing living corpses.

Deep Throat. The Unbeatable Competition.

I never tried to sugar coat
The fact that nonsense makes me laugh.
Just think of this: the deepest throat
Belongs in fact to a giraffe.
It's just a beast, but all the same,
Giraffe puts porn stars to shame.

Shift In Priorities

-You should have told me from the start
That you were neither rich nor smart!
Big deal that you are well endowed,
I feel I married a retard!

-Calm down, sweetie, you were young
And loved the fact I was well hung.
That’s why you got into this marriage.
Next time, choose more wisely, hun.

Words of Encouragement

At times your life may be a mess,
But try to see things in perspective:
Your boobs are great, your brain is active
And that assures your success.

The Guard

What if you went into an orchard,
And at its entrance met a guard,
Who was an ugly, bald, monorchid
And grossly overweight retard?

Would he be judged by his appearance?
Would he be laughed at, spat upon?
Would that be everyday experience
Of this unlucky poor pawn?

Or would you treat him as a person,
Shoved your prejudices aside?
I would, because retards are awesome!
Let them have their own pride.

Growth Guaranteed

I have decided to invest
Into new implants for your breasts.
I will be happy, I suppose,
To watch as my investment grows.

To My Promiscuous Friend

What does your future hold in store?
What will become of you, I wonder.
Will you end up an old whore?
A poor wreck, abused and plundered?

Not that I wish you such a fate,
I want you to be safe and sound.
In fact, I think that you are great…
As long as you don’t fuck around.

______The Dream Killer

It’s not as funny as it seems;
Albeit, for her it may be fun,
As first she learns about your dreams,
And then destroys them one by one.

______What is Love?

Which out of these four responses
Describes the best a term love:
A myth, a sham, a con or nonsense?
Right answer: all of the above.


I thought that life was just a game,
That whom I wanted I could tame.
Or tear apart.
But now I can tell my dear,
My thinking wasn't very clear.
I wasn't smart.

I have achieved more than I wanted.
And yet I feel I'm being haunted
By a dreadful thought
That when I wasn't so old
I knew my purpose in this world.
But then forgot...


The distance between us is vast,
Which makes me feel a tad forlorn.
But you still have my perfect trust
And you can trust me in return.

               Ray of Light

Sometimes people lose some weight.
Sometimes people lose all hope
And then, in such a sorry state,
They reach for poison or a rope.

When nothing left for them to lose,
With no ground to regain,
They may take liking to the noose
As their way to end the game.

With such a poignant, tragic plight
It may be difficult to cope,
But know this: a ray of light
May reach the end of any rope.

If, while tightening the noose,
One sees the ray and feels its warmth,
His situation is diffused;
And normalcy again returns.

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